Andy’s Support


These long serving West Vancouver former Mayors, Councillors, citizens, community leaders and professional associates, who have known or worked closely with Andy for many years, have individually endorsed Andy or jointly endorsed him in a statement written by one of them. If you would like to join them in endorsing Andy,we’ll post it.

Former Mayors & Councillors

"Andy Krawczyk, in his professional career and while serving on West Vancouver District committees, has consistently displayed innovation, integrity and commitment. These attributes equip Andy to be a very effective Councillor."

Ron Wood - Mayor 1999-2005
Jo-Ann Wood - WV Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year - 2014

"Andy has spent more than a decade as a community leader, dedicated to making West Vancouver better. As a former WV Councillor I had first hand experience working with Andy on tough community issues: housing, youth and our Upper Lands. He brings honesty, integrity, commitment and passion to everything he does. He listens well, actively works with all stakeholders, is an innovative, creative thinker who turns community ideas into success. He is an effective communicator - positive, accountable with strong decision making capabilities. We need Andy on Council and his vision for our future."

Trish Panz - Councillor - 2008-2014

"Andy Krawczyk is a collaborative, thoughtful and committed community-first citizen. He will be an outstanding contributor to Council, driving consensus and decision-making that is based on intelligent and rational consideration."

Shannon Walker - Councillor - 2008-2011

"West Vancouver will be very fortunate to have Andy elected Councillor. He displays integrity along with exceptional, proven community and business skills--more than ever needed in today’s world. "

Michael Evison - Councillor - 2008-2011

"I completely support Andy Krawczyk for Council. He’s fair, honest, a good listener and thinker and has dedicated deep and high quality community service to West Vancouver. Importantly, he will be a voice for our western sector, now missing on Council."

Liz Byrd - Councillor - 1996-1999

"I’ve worked with Andy on several community initiatives over the past decade. I was delighted he decided to take the next step in his considerable community service to run for Council. He will make an excellent Councillor!"

Rod Day - Alderman 1987-1996, Councillor 2003-2008

Citizen Endorsement

"I have known or worked with Andy Krawczyk in community service or professionally over many years. We need his thoughtful, collaborative and innovative skills on Council. He is a team player who listens, brings out the best in others while building bridges between diverse points of view that lead to consensus. I support him for Council in this election where it’s vitally important to create a strong team to move us forward as a community."

Jacqui Gijssen
Freda Pagani
Ashley Willard Bauman
Geoff Jopson
Graham Nicholls
Alan Bardsley
Christine Banham
Heather Johnston
Maggie Pappas

Gerry Humphries
Charlotte McLaughlin
Don Pettit
Michelle Vaughan
Gary Little
Helen Vanee
Brian Walker
Coral Winfield
Don Vaughan

Jeff Vaughan
Mark Vaughan
Garry Fawley
Harry Greenwood
Joanna Baxter
Peter Scholefield
Barb Pettit

Supporter Lindsay is on her way to cast her vote in the advance polls

Andy greets young voter and supporter Samantha Mason

Andy with four footed supporter at Caulfeild Days

Andy and supporter Diane Alsop & dog at Caulfeild Days

Andy buying fresh produce with Jackie at Ambleside Farmers Market

Andy with supporter John McDiarmid at Caulfeild Days

Andy outside City Hall after filing his nomination

Andy with supporter Jim Adams

I want to hear from you. I will be taking all questions via my website, my cell phone, email or social media and will respond on my website. Your questions may inspire other questions and hopefully, inspire new ideas and an ongoing dialogue on the many issues that face us.

Support Action - ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

VOTE for ANDY on OCTOBER 20TH 2018

Support Action - ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

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