When and Where to Vote


When & Where to Vote

This election year is a defining one. As a citizen of West Vancouver you have a vote to exercise if your voice is to be heard by Mayor and Council. There are many opportunities to vote, no excuse not to.

Advance polls

Curbside voting available

If you will be away on election day or merely wish to vote early, the District opens Municipal Hall seven days prior to election day for advance voting.

Municipal Hall – 750 17th Street

Saturday, October 6
Tuesday-Friday, October 9-12
*Sunday, October 14
Monday, October 15

8 am - 8 pm
*8 am - 6 pm (only on Sun, Oct. 14)

Voting by mail-in ballot is available for eligible electors with physical disabilities, illness, injury or absence during Advance and Election Day voting. Prior application required. Forms are available at Muncipal Hall only until September 30.

Election day polls

Curbside voting available (*most accessible)

Saturday, October 20

8 am - 8 pm


*Sentinel Secondary - 1250 Chartwell Drive
*Wescot Elementary - 760 Wescot Road
*Ridgeview Elementary - 1250 Mathers Avenue


*Hollyburn Elementary - 1329 Duchess Avenue
*Seniors Activity Centre - 695   21st Street
Irwin Park School - 2455 Haywood Avenue
Presbyterian Church - 2893 Marine Drive


*Rockridge Secondary - 5350 Headland Drive
*Eagle Harbour Montessori School - 5575 Marine Drive
*Gleneagles Community Centre - 6262 Marine Drive

Can I vote?

Election laws have changed. For full details on who is eligible to vote in the October 20 election, visit the West Vancouver District website:


Authorized by Financial Agent Robert Paterson: winpat@telus.net

I want to hear from you. I will be taking all questions via my website, my cell phone, email or social media and will respond on my website. Your questions may inspire other questions and hopefully, inspire new ideas and an ongoing dialogue on the many issues that face us.

Support Action - ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

VOTE for ANDY on OCTOBER 20TH 2018

Support Action - ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

Authorized by Financial Agent Robert Paterson: winpat@telus.net